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Gecko, Insects and Trilobite Inspired Technology

Giti Tech Private Limited

We are member of Soft Matter Lab in department of Chemical Engineering at IIT Kanpur. We carry out cutting edge research on physics, chemistry and functionality of gels, elastomers, interfaces, surfaces and devices made out of them. While we regularly publish our research in top international journals and present our research in international/national meetings and conferences, we have founded a start-up company "GITI Tech Private Limited" with the objective that the fruits of our research is shared directly with the society at large. In fact, all our products/processes and technologies that we have so far developed and that we are currently working on, have "society" at the centre.

We have in our portfolio "A portable, high-end, optical microscope that can be interfaced with smartphone", "an exotic, high performing optical lens", "A writable and printable material which can be used over and over again" and "a device for inducing crystal nucleation of protein molecules". For some of these products and devices, there equivalent does not exists in the market, while for others, the solution provided us is far more competitive than those provided by others. If you are interested in any of our products, please drop a mail to

Whoare the people behind Giti Tech ?

Giti Tech Pvt. Ltd. is formed by a group of researchers (faculty, research fellows & staff) working at IIT Kanpur

Whatis our main objective ?

Giti Tech Pvt. Ltd. was founded with the objective that the fruits of our research is shared directly with the society at large

Howto buy our products?

Products of Giti Tech Pvt. Ltd. can be directly brought through our online shop or one can contact us at our office for bulk orders.

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Vision & Mission

Vision : "To make as mundane an item as paper but different from paper"

Mission : Mission of Gititech is to develop and commercialize a novel, environmentally benign, washable paper material, which will eliminate single use of paper from homes, educational institutes and offices. It will allow usage via most conventional modes like writing with ball-point pen and printing with conventional printers, yet it will allow to be used multiple times without any need of disposing or recycling it. The washable paper will help reduce the cost of education for our students and will minimize the environmental cost of using paper.